Monitor, Moderate, Mitigate

  Social Listening Services

 Rely on Visibium Services


Effective social media monitoring

Driving relevant online content


Select and filter to

listen to what really matters 


Scrutinize and send 

alerts within minutes, not hours 


  • Aggregate, tag, archive
  • Monitor, protect
  • Stream, display elsewhere

Listen to what really matters

Social relevance is about monitoring all relevant social web content. 

  • Listen to your Industry:  Media Monitoring and Market Intelligence
  • Listen to your competition: Competitive Intelligence
  • Listen to what people are saying about you: Online Reputation Monitoring, Buzz Tracking

Relevant, accurate and timely insights put you in control, ahead of your competition and help protect your reputation. [More]

Alerts within minutes, not hours

When time is critical

Social media crisis prevention. Defuse potentially damaging content with low-latency monitoring.

Crisis management, the first hour. Go back in time, pinpoint the threat, see how it has propagated so far to understand how viral it may become, and trigger a mitigation plan earlier.


Near real time (NRT) technology

The right tool for the job. Visibium is powered by SolR Lucene, an open-source engine well known for its advance in near real time full-text indexing.


Implement, integrate or outsource

  • Do it yourself with our SaaS offering  [More]
  • Outsource part or all monitoring services to Visibium Services [More]
  • Hit the ground running with our Solutions [More]

  ... or any combination that best addresses your needs.

For more information please contact us.

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